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Sorry it took me so long, folks – I’ve been too tired/emotional until today to get this done. I didn’t say everything I wanted to, partly because I forgot some of my thoughts between the time I thought them & the time I wrote down some notes (then remembered after the recording was done), and partly because…well, I thought I would only talk for about 35-40 minutes. Then, 80 minutes later…

So yeah, this is a long one. I don’t blame you if you don’t make it to the end. I’ll probably say some things you agree with. I’ll probably say some things you disagree with. I might say some things you haven’t heard, read, or thought before, but since you’re all pretty intelligent, the odds of that might be low.

If nothing else, I urge us all to listen to one another – especially the people we disagree with. Don’t suffer fools and don’t abide hate, but do genuinely try to listen to people. Have compassion for one another. Empathize. If you’ve wronged someone, ask for forgiveness. If you feel you’ve been wronged, forgive.

These are hard things to do. I fully understand and empathize. I urge us to do them anyway. Strive to be our best selves and love other people. All of us.

If you have thoughts or comments, I’m open to them – but I’d prefer you not post them here. Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, email, phone, or text. I’ll be happy to dialogue with you there. Or, better yet, let’s talk over a beverage and games!

Thank you so much for being different than me, and thanks for being my friends.

Hate speech/crimes from the day after the election

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Trump wants to make Muslims register themselves with the government

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Muslim, immigrant, woman, and still voted for Trump

Trump isn’t really a Republican. Or Democrat. 

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