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The Titans Meeple  - Image Courtesy of Calliope Games

The Titans Meeple – Image Courtesy of Calliope Games

After months of anticipation and weeks of recording, planning, waiting, and general impatiented-ness (I can make up words because I have a degree in English), Titans Tuesday is finally here! Or, more accurately, was here, because now it’s Titans Thursday! This week I talk to Ray Wehrs, President of Calliope Games, about their upcoming line of gateway games, the Titan Series. Additionally, I chat a little bit with one of the game designers tapped to make a game for the Titan Series, Paul Peterson. Both of those interviews, plus all the news of the week from the nerd and hobby gaming world – and there was a plethora of it!

(Note – During the interview with Ray, you’ll hear him refer to me as “Scott”. He was introduced to me by my middle name. What can I say…my mother liked ice skating.)

(Note 2 – Calliope Games announced yesterday that the Kickstarter campaign for the Titan Series has been rescheduled.)



02:32 – Exploding Kittens blew up on the Kickstarter and hobby gaming scene

05:18 – Tiny Epic Galaxies continues to do well on Kickstarter, sets Gamelyn Games records for backers and funding

07:26 – Fun to 11 collaborates with AEG to bring Epic PvP: Fantasy to Kickstarter

10:40 – GenCon’s housing portal pulls a whoopsie this weekend

13:12 – Enterplay announces new organized play formats and bans for My Little Pony CCG

15:25 – Enterplay’s Sr. Game Developer Trevor McGregor (@OriginalTMac) spoiled a MLP:CCG card

15:44 – Fox announces plans for a live action X-Men television series

22:20 – Titan Series overview

24:20 – Interview with Ray Wehrs, President of Calliope Games

48:30 – Interview with Titan Series game designer Paul Peterson


17:49 – Lily Sparks – “Stars”

45:23 – Superbeing – “Down in Flames”

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