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Unboxing of the October LootCrate – “Fear”

By Alex Hamilton on in Review

October marked the first month I received my loot subscription from LootCrate, and in keeping with Halloween, the theme of the month was “Fear”. Click on through to find out what was hidden inside this ebony gem!

ABC’s The Quest – Destined for Greatness?

By Alex Hamilton on in Review

I’m not generally a fan of reality TV. I haven’t watched a full season of Survivor since the first, I’ve never watched a complete season of Amazing Race, and beyond the original season of The Real World, I’m not sure … Continue reading

Legendary vs. DC Deck-building Game vs. Sentinels of the Multiverse: A Comparison

By Alex Hamilton on in Card Games, Review

  From about 2006 to 2012 I was largely absent from the gaming scene. I was primarily a CCGer and there just wasn’t much that interested me at the time. Besides, I was busy paying bills, getting married, and doing … Continue reading

Game Review: Dixit

By Alex Hamilton on in Board Games, Review

There’s no doubt that, between my wife and I, I’m the more left-brained and strategy-focused of us. Mrs. Blogadin, being a graphic designer, is absolutely the more right-brained in our marriage. Any game, therefore, where I find myself having severely … Continue reading

The Doubleclicks Warm The Valley With Geekery, Guitar, And A Cat Keyboard

By Alex Hamilton on in Nerd Culture, News, Review

I’m not a fan of reading, and Jane Austen is one of my least favorite authors ever. What I am a fan of is ladies, and I was such a big fan of one of them that I asked her … Continue reading

Game Review – Marvel Dice Masters

By Alex Hamilton on in Review

I was told for weeks that Dice Masters was a game. I saw websites and updates about it. I had game store-owner friends of mine up in arms due delays surrounding it. I heard great things about it. All kinds … Continue reading

Play or Draw – First Impressions

By Alex Hamilton on in News, Review

Ah, the smell of fresh paint and cleaning supplies! The folks at Play or Draw in Avondale have been working hard at getting their store set to go, and today they finally moved forward with their soft launch. It’s a … Continue reading

Game Review: Koryo

By Alex Hamilton on in Review

Since yesterday was International Tabletop (Gaming) Day, it seemed only appropriate to add some more substance to my addiction in the form of a new game. When it comes to games, my brain tends to go for lots of systems, … Continue reading

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