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The Blogadin Webcast – 01-20-2015

By Alex Hamilton on in Webcasts

This week we talk about deflated footballs…err, wait, no we don’t. Okay, maybe a little bit. This week it ended up being all news and notes from the week! There were simply some huge stories that brokeĀ from Wizards and Marvel … Continue reading

The Blogadin Webcast – 10-28-2014

By Alex Hamilton on in Webcasts

Solid show this week backed up by a Royals win in Game 6. Here’s to hoping that they replicate those results in Game 7 and take home the trophy! Also, ownership of Mesa Comics has provided further details about their … Continue reading

The Blogadin Webcast – 10-07-2014

By Alex Hamilton on in Webcasts

Whelp, the first episode of The Blogadin Webcast ran live on 10/07/2014 and is finally in the books as a downloadable/streamable show. Special thanks to Jeff and Jason from AZMagicPlayers.com for being our first official guests! Topics 03:44 – Thor … Continue reading

Phoenix Comicon 2014 Panel: Ivy Doomkitty

By Alex Hamilton on in Phoenix Comicon 2014, Q&A

When I first saw Ivy Doomkitty on the list of panelists, all I knew about her is that she was a cosplayer that recently exploded on the national and international scene (and I only knew that because the Phoenix Comicon … Continue reading

Game Review – Marvel Dice Masters

By Alex Hamilton on in Review

I was told for weeks that Dice Masters was a game. I saw websites and updates about it. I had game store-owner friends of mine up in arms due delays surrounding it. I heard great things about it. All kinds … Continue reading

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