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The Blogadin Webcast, and Blogadin.com (The Blogadin) are owned by Blogadin Enterprises, LLC, and operated on a small piece of sand in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area by Alex Hamilton and his wife, Mrs. Blogadin. Although the company is technically for-profit, it’s really nothing more than a labor of love and a way to promote the local and national nerd community.

Our Mission

  • To be a champion of and for nerd culture
  • To be a voice for nerds on a local and national level
  • To help promote and grow local hobby businesses and charities


We use the term “nerd” very liberally and affectionately on this website and in our webcast. The term has been given a negative connotation, but we believe it to be a compliment and something to be not just embraced, but championed. The website name and hammer-and-shield logo were born from this philosophy – we are proud to shield those who love games, comics and other “nerdy” things from the barbs that sometimes come from society at large, and will advance our cause with all the subtlety that a battle hammer can offer, which is to say, “not much.”

Our Contributors

Alex Hamilton – The Blogadin

Alex has been a gamer since he can remember. He started on a Pong machine from Radio Shack that hooked up to the TV, but quickly followed that up with pinballing with his dad on a Black Knight machine at the local DQ, and ultimately lost his baby teeth on the Atari 2600. His world changed forever when someone introduced him to Dungeons and Dragons and the notion that numbers and stats could represent a persons abilities and actions in another world. Then the Nintendo Entertainment System came around, and The Legend of Zelda along with it, after which he spent his recesses with friends sharing secrets about where to find labyrinths or simply playing made up games on graph paper. Now he’s an adult with a nerdy wife, two dogs named after characters in Firefly, and grown-up responsibilities, but still finds time to game it up.

  • Favorite Video Games – The Legend of Zelda, Crystalis, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy IV – VI, Military Madness, Diablo 3, Ragnarok Online
  • Favorite Table Games - 7 Wonders, Descent, DC Deck-building Game, Munchkin, Cards Against Humanity, Pixel Tactics, Star Realms
  • Favorite Movies – The Matrix, Serenity, Avengers, Iron Man, Forest Gump, Office Space
  • Favorite Comics – Marvel stuff – mostly The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Favorite TV Shows – Firefly, Castle, Dr. Horible’s Sing-Along Blog (noticing a trend here?), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Arrow
  • Favorite Captain – Malcolm Reynolds

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