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The Blogadin is a Finalist – Now I need your help!

By Alex Hamilton on in Grab Bag

A while back I recorded a video entry for Passport Game Studios’ Holiday Jingle contest (you can see my entry above). In short, they called for people to write new lyrics to a holiday song, and in those lyrics we … Continue reading

My Ideal Game Store – Part Two

By Alex Hamilton on in Grab Bag

[Note: This is part two of my mini-series where I list the top ten traits of my ideal game store. For part one, head on over here.] 5. Friendly, Engaged Staff that foster a welcoming environment Being knowledgeable about one’s … Continue reading

My Ideal Game Store – Part One

By Alex Hamilton on in Grab Bag

It’s not easy to be a game store these days. Between Kickstarter, print ‘n play, and more games either distributing materials free or directly to the customer, opportunities for revenue are becoming fewer and fewer. Add to that the presence … Continue reading

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

By Alex Hamilton on in Elder Scrolls Online, Grab Bag, Magic: The Gathering, Nerd Culture, News, Video Games

That’s what they say, anyway. I hope it’s true since I haven’t posted in lots of days. Out of town happens, apparently, as does “stuff”. Here’s a number of brief updates using everyone’s favorite tool – bullet points! I’d call … Continue reading

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