The Blogadin is a Finalist – Now I need your help!

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A while back I recorded a video entry for Passport Game Studios’ Holiday Jingle contest (you can see my entry above). In short, they called for people to write new lyrics to a holiday song, and in those lyrics we were to mention Passport Games along with as many oftheir game titles as possible. The entries were whittled down to three, and whoever receives the most votes will get all the games they mentioned in the video.

Santa’s elves have aparently taken pity on me, for my entry broke through to the finals! Now I need your help. More specifically, I need your votes in the form of clicks and tweets. This will only take a few moments and won’t cost anything.

(Also, please note that if I win, I’ll be donating over half the games I receive to charity OR using them to help raise funds for chairty. If you have no desire to help me, do it for the kids! THE KIDS!!!)

(Seriously, though…charity.)

Votes are being accumulated on both Twitter and Facebook, and you can vote using both platforms. Here’s what I need you to do – and please do all that apply:

If you use Facebook

Navigate to this voting site, answer their brief questions (you DON’T have to “like” their page to vote), and vote for Finalist Number 2 – The Blogadin!

If you use Twitter

1) Navigate to this site and register to vote in the contest.

2) Retweet this tweet

If you have friends or family

Have them come to this page and make them follow the instructions provided above.

Thanks for all your help with this, folks! I truly appreciate each and every vote you’re able to provide!

Alex Hamilton

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