The Blogadin Webcast – 12-02-2014

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The Blogadin Webcast

This week I dive into an article from The Street where the author claims our collections are largely worthless, plus I give a brief review of Tiny Epic Galaxies (soon to be on Kickstarter) and cover the the week’s two biggest watercooler topics – the Star Wars trailer & The Walking Dead midseason finale.


06:50 – I’ll be a guest host on The Geek Allstars Podcast at GenCon 2015

07:45 – The Dukes of Dice podcast

09:00 – Star Wars Episode VII Trailer

Stephen Colbert’s Lightsaber Explanation

George Lucas’ Special Edition of SW Ep 7 Trailer

14:15 – The Walking Dead Mid-season finale surprise

16:25 – The changing landscape of the convention scene

BGG-FAM convention announcement

25:50 – Your collections and why they’re (supposedly) worthless

Difference between “worth” vs. “value”

42:15 – Upcoming local events

Preliminary PTQ @ Desert Sky Games

Preliminary PTQ @ Play or Draw

Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest

45:20 – Tiny Epic Galaxies by Scott Almes & Gamelyn Games



21:10 - Udora – “The Beautiful Game”

38:15 - Black Lab – “Learn to Crawl”

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