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Legendary vs. DC Deck-building Game vs. Sentinels of the Multiverse: A Comparison

By Alex Hamilton on in Card Games, Review

  From about 2006 to 2012 I was largely absent from the gaming scene. I was primarily a CCGer and there just wasn’t much that interested me at the time. Besides, I was busy paying bills, getting married, and doing … Continue reading

Game Review: Dixit

By Alex Hamilton on in Board Games, Review

There’s no doubt that, between my wife and I, I’m the more left-brained and strategy-focused of us. Mrs. Blogadin, being a graphic designer, is absolutely the more right-brained in our marriage. Any game, therefore, where I find myself having severely … Continue reading

I Acquired Firefly Because of my Personal Prime Directive

By Alex Hamilton on in Nerd Culture

The other day I jumped into the second half of a D&D adventure being streamed on Twitch by Wizards of the Coast staffers. While waiting for the event to actually start, folks were chatting up the new starter set and … Continue reading

The Doubleclicks Warm The Valley With Geekery, Guitar, And A Cat Keyboard

By Alex Hamilton on in Nerd Culture, News, Review

I’m not a fan of reading, and Jane Austen is one of my least favorite authors ever. What I am a fan of is ladies, and I was such a big fan of one of them that I asked her … Continue reading

Remembering a Valley Radio Icon

By Alex Hamilton on in News

Long time valley radio icon Chuck Artigue passed away on Friday, July 4th. He served as General Manager for┬áKDKB, KUPD, KSLX, and KDUS until retiring in October of 2013. Prior to that he was also affiliated with KTAR and KPNX, … Continue reading

Women aren’t e-Sporting (and that might be okay)

By Alex Hamilton on in Uncategorized

A couple days ago the inter-world caught wind of an e-Sports tournament in Finland sanctioned by the South Korean-based IeSF limiting registration to either males or females for specific games (apparently only Starcraft 2 was deemed fit for both sexes). … Continue reading

Happy Independence Day, America!

By Alex Hamilton on in Uncategorized

Let’s face it – America’s got problems. Economic problems, workforce problems, education problems, immigration problems, healthcare problems…the list goes on. For all its problems and challenges, though, America is still a damn fine place to be. We all have the … Continue reading

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