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Nerds don’t know what they want; or, why I almost shot someone today with a tennis ball

By Alex Hamilton on in Nerd Culture

I work in the IT department (NERD!) for a large financial institution and do what most would consider some pretty boring work. I take information from one server and put it on another, and then when people ask for some … Continue reading

Love to game but low on dough? Check these out – and while you’re at it, vote!

By Alex Hamilton on in Video Games

The fine folks over at MMOBomb¬†have recently ranked their top 64 F2P games in a last-man-standing, winner-take-all, fight-to-the-death, gratuitous-use-of-hyphens MMA tournament! Or maybe it’s just a set of brackets in the spirit of March Madness. Kinda the same thing.

Why it’s awesome to be a nerd (and why Wil Wheaton is the Nerd King)

By Alex Hamilton on in Uncategorized

I’ve been thinking for a while how to kick things off here at The Blogadin. Do I rip ESO? Heap praise on Carbine Studios in anticipation of Wildstar? Geek out over the upcoming expansion for DC Deckbuilding Game? Upload a … Continue reading

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