Why it’s awesome to be a nerd (and why Wil Wheaton is the Nerd King)

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I’ve been thinking for a while how to kick things off here at The Blogadin. Do I rip ESO? Heap praise on Carbine Studios in anticipation of Wildstar? Geek out over the upcoming expansion for DC Deckbuilding Game? Upload a gallery of lady toons in their chainmail bikinis followed by a heated debate of said equipment’s practicality and effectiveness – and lack thereof?

(Mostly lack thereof…but who cares, amirite?)

Meh. There will be time for all that.

Instead, we begin in more general terms of why it’s awesome to be a nerd as explained by the Nerd King, Wil Wheaton.

This video is coming up on a year old (so I guess in internet terms that means it was created around 1962), but the message will ring true decades from now. A woman by the name of Jennifer Black-Moir asked Wil Wheaton to explain on video to her recently-born daughter why it’s awesome to be a nerd. This is his reply.

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