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The Blogadin Webcast – 02-03-2015

By Alex Hamilton on in Webcasts

This week I ended up talking with some fantastic guests – Mike Selinker & Gaby Weidling from Lone Shark Games, and Chris Leder from Calliope Games. Fortnuately their personality and talent made up for my recurring lapses in focus. As … Continue reading

The Blogadin Webcast – 01-27-2015

By Alex Hamilton on in Webcasts

After months of anticipation and weeks of recording, planning, waiting, and general impatiented-ness (I can make up words because I have a degree in English), Titans Tuesday is finally here! Or, more accurately, was here, because now it’s Titans Thursday! … Continue reading

The Blogadin Webcast – 11-11-14

By Alex Hamilton on in Webcasts

Today’s episode wishes all our service members out there a Happy Veterans Day, and a special thanks goes out to all my Marines out there proudly sporting the eagle, globe & anchor! On your feet when you here the hymn, … Continue reading

The Blogadin Webcast – 10-07-2014

By Alex Hamilton on in Webcasts

Whelp, the first episode of The Blogadin Webcast ran live on 10/07/2014 and is finally in the books as a downloadable/streamable show. Special thanks to Jeff and Jason from AZMagicPlayers.com for being our first official guests! Topics 03:44 – Thor … Continue reading

A Love Letter Made Better By Any Other Name

By Alex Hamilton on in Card Games

I’m a fairly discriminating gamer, which is to say Chutes and Ladders is not in my collection, and Uno only makes the cut out of nostalgia. When a game is nominated for an Origins Award AND recommended for a Spiel … Continue reading

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