The Blogadin Webcast – 10-07-2014

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The Blogadin Webcast

Whelp, the first episode of The Blogadin Webcast ran live on 10/07/2014 and is finally in the books as a downloadable/streamable show. Special thanks to Jeff and Jason from for being our first official guests!


03:44 – Thor #1

05:09 – Deadpool coverbomb variants

06:41 – Renegade Game Studios announces Fuse

09:35 – AEG Announces Black Friday Box

12:54 – Marvel cancels two Milo Minara variant covers

16:55 – Iron Man 4 Confirmed (UPDATE: Iron Man 4 UN-confirmed, but “they do have a plan”)

24:30 – Marvel ending or killing its characters

Deadpool might be dying

Fantastic Four no more

Sony might allow Spiderman in Marvel-produced movies

40:40 – Interview with Jason and Jeff Abong Website

Mesa Comics Website


18:15 – “Without You” by Black Lab

36:43 – “Crank it Out” by Ari Shrine

59:06 – “The Last of the Superheroes” by American Heartbreak

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