The Blogadin Webcast – 02-03-2015

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This week I ended up talking with some fantastic guests – Mike Selinker & Gaby Weidling from Lone Shark Games, and Chris Leder from Calliope Games. Fortnuately their personality and talent made up for my recurring lapses in focus. As a semi-amateur (you know, the step between amateur and semi-professional) web radio host I do try to keep some semblance of professionalism during the show. Being that this isn’t my day job, however, and I’m a nerdy fan like many of you, sometimes it’s difficult to keep that focus when you’re talking with guests who you’re a fan of. This was just one of those weeks. Mike “The Muffin Man” Selinker kept me on my toes, but man was it a great time trying to keep up with him! It sounds like all three will be back on the program at some point – Chris will probably be on sooner than later, as he’s got a couple projects being let out of the bag fairly shortly. Stay tuned for more info!



06:07 – AOL pulls the plug on all enthusiast blogs, including

08:30 – Character cast of the live action Teen Titans show announced

13:03 – New game announcements from Stronghold Games and AEG, now with 100% less Kickstarter!

17:55 - Interview with Mike Selinker and Gaby Weidling

46:55 - Interview with Chris Leder


15:06 - The Doubleclicks – “Will They or Won’t They”

41:49 – American Heartbreak – “Rotten Apple”

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