Love to game but low on dough? Check these out – and while you’re at it, vote!

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The fine folks over at MMOBomb have recently ranked their top 64 F2P games in a last-man-standing, winner-take-all, fight-to-the-death, gratuitous-use-of-hyphens MMA tournament!

Or maybe it’s just a set of brackets in the spirit of March Madness. Kinda the same thing.

Fan voting is available now and will run through early- to mid-April, with new match-ups available every few days or so. In any case, head on over there to check out the brackets and get some ideas for games on the cheap that maybe you didn’t know about or haven’t thought of in a bit; and while you’re there, vote!  Although it’s not my favorite on the list by any means, I’d say the smart money is on #1 seed League of Legends. Meanwhile, my first MMO love – Ragnarok Online (oh, how I mourn the passing of her glory days) – is about to get SMOKED by DotA 2.

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