The Blogadin Webcast – 10-28-2014

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The Blogadin Webcast

Solid show this week backed up by a Royals win in Game 6. Here’s to hoping that they replicate those results in Game 7 and take home the trophy!

Also, ownership of Mesa Comics has provided further details about their Grand Opening this weekend.

  • Free hotdogs & tacos
  • Raffle prizes
  • Games for kids of all ages
  • A visit from Spider-Man!

Be sure to call up the store at 480-582-6642 with any questions about their festivities, gaming schedule, or product lineup.


05:15 – Apology for last week’s terribly poor, unpublishable audio content

Corey Young’s Twitter feed

GravwellRenegade Game Studios

06:55 – Cryptozoic responds to WotC lawsuit

10:47 – Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer released (this is the extended version released during the webcast!)

14:10 – The Flash is best debut for CW in 5 years & gets picked up for a full season

20:40 – Marvel announces movie lineup through 2018

Aggregated movie calendar for all known upcoming comic movies

31:17 – Randy Hoyt from Foxtrot Games discusses Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

Lanterns Kickstarter campaign

Randy’s Twitter feed

Foxtrot Games website

51:52 – Benefits of volunteering for a company in the industry that you want to enter


17:00 – “Wait” – Canto 6

27:58 – “Bubblegum and Beer” – Supersuckers

47:27 – “Lost Angeles” – Berman

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