The Blogadin Webcast – 01-20-2015

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The Blogadin Webcast

This week we talk about deflated footballs…err, wait, no we don’t. Okay, maybe a little bit. This week it ended up being all news and notes from the week! There were simply some huge stories that broke from Wizards and Marvel on Monday and Tuesday, all of which warranted a good amount of attention. And don’t forget that next week’s show is Titans Tuesday, where we discuss the big Titans Series Kickstarter campaign from Calliope Games and talk to some of the people involved with the effort, including Ray Wehrs, President of Calliope Games, and game designer Paul Peterson of Magic and Smash-Up fame. Can’t wait!



08:55 – Renegade Game Studios teams up with Foxtrot Games to co-publish Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

13:20 – Wizards makes a major update to the Magic: The Gathering banned/restricted list

23:19 – Wizards announces the next Dungeons & Dragons storyline & related products

33:35 – Marvel announces Secret Wars, the end of everything, and the genesis of Battleworld


18:48 – Valley Lodge – “Naked City”

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