The Blogadin Webcast – 01/13/2015

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THE Ohio State University Buckeyes…national football champions!!!  Mmmm…can you taste that? That’s the taste of victory right there! :) Since we won the game, this week’s show – as promised – features a heaping helping of Ohio State marching band music, so don’t be alarmed by the lack of the normal riffs, and feel free to use the slider to move along to something more appealing if band music damages your finer musical sensibilities.

As for topics, we bring to you Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games and publisher of Tiny Epic Galaxies (currently destroying the universe in Kickstarter – if you haven’t pledged for it yet, do it now!) – an interview that came together twelve minutes before the show went live thanks to a spam filter or other email assassin somewhere in the ether, but when you have an opportunity to get a guy like Michael on the show, you do it! As it turns out, both of us had been trying to communicate with the other for weeks, but for whatever reason, emails simply weren’t making it back and forth between the two parties. Many thanks to him for appearing on the show, for being persistent, and for ultimately being gracious to me when the interview finally came together! I also chat about some significant changes to GenCon housing and registration, and how labels in games may be more damaging than helpful.



05:55 – Gencon announces registration and housing changes

10:10 – Marvel’s Star Wars #1 debuted 1/13, already is best selling comic of 2015

10:30 – Mesa Comics

14:12 - Interview with Michael Coe, President of Gamelyn Games and publisher of Tiny Epic Galaxies

35:15 – Labels in gaming

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