The Blogadin Webcast – 01-06-2015

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Mysterium by Portal Games

First, my apologies for not updating the site in so long! On one hand, I desperately needed the break; on the other, I do have a commitment to you – my listeners and fans! – to keep the content coming. Hopefully I can be forgiven for taking a holiday hiatus. That brings us, of course, to the first show of the new year – Happy New Year!

Today’s show features a review of Mysterium by Portal Games and a preview of the Dungeons Defenders 2 video game (currently in pre-alpha), as well as the usual news of the week (or, in this case, month).


06:05 – I won Quantum from Passport Game Studios thanks to your votes!

10:55 – The release date for Gambit has been announced

11:15 – Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit Puzzle was solved

21:44 – Preview of things to come on The Blogadin Webcast

28:53 – Mysterium from Portal Games

36:29 – Dungeon Defenders 2 from TrendyNet


17:35 – Granian - “Mark My Words”

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