The Blogadin Webcast – 11-18-2014

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Emergents Genesis

This week’s show featured the great Brian David-Marshall – the voice of the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour and Pro Tour Historian – to talk about his freshly-launched Kickstarter campaign for his new deckbuilding game, Emergents: Genesis. The game is an interactive PvP deckbuilder featuring characters from David-Marshall’s own comic book universe where the superheroes are called “Emergents”. We also discuss some of the interesting nerdy news from the past week, as well as mention local comic creator Raven Gregory’s latest project, Widow’s Web, now with limited edition variant covers available for sale.


06:10 – The Euros hit a pebble in space from 4 billion miles away

09:15 – Fantasy Flight Games merges into the Asmodee Group

12:43 – ICV2 reports that Wizards of the Coast intends to bring back the Open Gaming License

19:50 – Interview with Brian David-Marshall

Emergents: Genesis Kickstarter Campaign

Urban Island Games

Top 8 Magic Podcast

Magic Articles

42:54 – Widow’s Web / Raven Gregory’s new site


16:05 – The Living End – “Long Live the Weekend”

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