The Blogadin Webcast – 3-10-2015

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This week’s podcast is brought to you by my Twitter word cloud (I’m @TheBlogadin over on the bluebird site, if you’re into that kind of thing). Games is the word I most often use on that thing…go figure! In any case, this week I chat up Chris Leder about his latest game & Kickstarter campaign, Trainmaker, plus I bring you the latest news & notes from the week that was. Also, I chat briefly on the drama that happened this past week in the hobby gaming world regarding sexism, and how to not use Twitter.

Fair warning – next week’s show will be streamed while I’m in Las Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show. I don’t yet know if I’ll be pre-recording the entire thing or if I’ll be doing a portion of it live, but I DO know two of next week’s guests are The Doubleclicks, as well as Raven Gregory and Autumn Ivy from Broken Butterfly Comics & their new comic book, Widow’s Web.



xx:xx – BGGCon Registration is open

xx:xx – Sony announces Ghosbusters for guys

xx:xx – MLP CCG’s 4th expansion releases in May

11:30 – Pretty Pretty Smash Up now available in stores

12:35 – Valeria: Card Kingdoms Kickstarter campaign

17:53 – Interview with Chris Leder

38:40 – Sexism, the gaming world, and how not to use Twitter


13:15 – Black Lab – “Without You”

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