The Blogadin Webcast – 3-17-2014

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The Blogadin Webcast

So this post and the one for 3/24 were uploaded to the site weeks ago, but apparently I’m an idiot and still can’t remember to publish the posts versus save them as drafts. In this case it’s in terribly bad form on my part since I was trying to help push The Doubleclicks’ tour and the Widow’s Web Kickstarter campaign, the latter of which is now over. Frankly, that’s awful, and I am deeply and genuinely sorry! I’ve no excuse to offer…only the episode that was. Happy listening!



05:25 - Dice Tower announces the next game in their Essentials lineup

08:43 – GF9 announces new products

07:49 – Con Man Web Series

10:41 – New costumes debuted for DC characters

15:40 – Kovalic-drawn game announcements

19:50 – The Doubleclicks interview

50:41 – Raven Gregory/Autumn Ivy interview


16:46 – The Doubleclicks – “The Middle”

40:08 – Absolution Project – “Vindictive”

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