BoardGameGeek Con 2014 – The best con I never attended

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Thank You

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There’s about 3,000 board gamers out in Dallas right now getting ready to put the bow on Board Game Geek Con 2014. I, unfortunately, am not one of them. Instead, I got to participate in #bggcant and enjoy some Korean food out in the deserts of Arizona – it’s not all bad, but it definitely isn’t as fun as it would have been to be in Dallas right now. C’est la vie.

Of those 3,000 people, there’s a small handful of them that I want to extend a hearty, “Thank you!” to – Brittanie Boe (@gamewiregirl), Stephanie Straw (@InsertStrawHere), Debbie Ohi (@BGGgirl), Tiffany Ralph (@TheOneTAR), Rhiannon Ochs (@rhiochs), Suzanne (@425Suzanne), Marguerite Cottrell (@maggiebot), and Kyle Van Winkle (@KRobVW). I’ve never met any of these people before – a crime for which I should be arrested – but they have done a fantastic job of helping me feel like I was only 100 miles from the convention instead of 1,000 by sharing pictures of the convention, new tattoos, and quotes of personal moments & bathroom frustration (although I do agree on both counts – bathrooms aren’t for socializing, & toilets should be kind enough to wait for you to leave before flushing). I even won Debbie’s impromptu doodle captioning contest!

By the way, if you’re on Twitter & love board games, you should be following those folks. They’re something I like to call “awesome”. It’s people like this that convinced me that Fall BGGCon 2015 is a MUST for me to attend. Can’t wait to invade the Lone Star State next year, hopefully with some of y’all along with me!

(Seriously, thanks for all the coverage and sharing the moments – it truly helped me feel like part of the con, if only in some small way!)

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