The Blogadin Webcast – 12-09-2014

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Image Credit: Phoenix Comicon, Copyright 2010, 2014

Image Credit: Phoenix Comicon, Copyright 2010, 2014

This week brings us Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2014 at University of Phoenix Stadium – yay! To help get us prepared for the event, Jillian Squires from Phoenix Comicon dropped in to talk a little bit about the upcoming festivities. Also, I continue a discussion about whether or not Magic: The Gathering belongs in the pantheon of “classic” games. Also, congrats to Arizona’s first Preliminary PTQ winner – Zack Freeman – with his Abzan Reanimator deck!



04:18 – Arizona Preliminary PTQ discussion, including the PPTQ coming up on Saturday, 12/13 at Play or Draw

05:35 – Emergents: Genesis DBG Kickstarter

06:08 – Modern Masters 2015 / Grand Prix Las Vegas

09:48 – Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit Puzzle

13:26 – Casting of Suicide Squad

19:40 – Is Magic: The Gathering a “classic” game?

33:57 – Interview with Jillian Squires, Director of Public Relations for Phoenix Comicon

55:30 – Game night at the Casa Del Blogadin


15:53 - Jesse Malin – “Prisoners of Paradise”

28:18 - Sex and Patriotism – “Fit 2 b Tied”

50:38 – Dead Against the Rest – “White Ace”

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