Election 2016

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Sorry it took me so long, folks – I’ve been too tired/emotional until today to get this done. I didn’t say everything I wanted to, partly because I forgot some of my thoughts between the time I thought them & the time I wrote down some notes (then remembered after the recording was done), and partly because…well, I thought I would only talk for about 35-40 minutes. Then, 80 minutes later…

So yeah, this is a long one. I don’t blame you if you don’t make it to the end. I’ll probably say some things you agree with. I’ll probably say some things you disagree with. I might say some things you haven’t heard, read, or thought before, but since you’re all pretty intelligent, the odds of that might be low.

If nothing else, I urge us all to listen to one another – especially the people we disagree with. Don’t suffer fools and don’t abide hate, but do genuinely try to listen to people. Have compassion for one another. Empathize. If you’ve wronged someone, ask for forgiveness. If you feel you’ve been wronged, forgive.

These are hard things to do. I fully understand and empathize. I urge us to do them anyway. Strive to be our best selves and love other people. All of us.

If you have thoughts or comments, I’m open to them – but I’d prefer you not post them here. Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, email, phone, or text. I’ll be happy to dialogue with you there. Or, better yet, let’s talk over a beverage and games!

Thank you so much for being different than me, and thanks for being my friends.

Hate speech/crimes from the day after the election

Hate crime remains increased in Britain post-Brexit

Michael Moore predicted the future and has a plan

Trump wants to make Muslims register themselves with the government

Washington Post exit polls

Muslim, immigrant, woman, and still voted for Trump

Trump isn’t really a Republican. Or Democrat. 

The Blogadin Webcast – 3-24-2015

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Cookie tin


This episode is brought to you by cookies! Oh, and we talk with Mike Girard about the launch of the Games Workshop products at Mesa Comics, as well as nerdery in general.


05:13 - GenCon threatens to move out of Indianapolis

09:36 – X-Files return is officially announced by Fox

11:55 – Chrononauts movie rights picked up by Universal

17:40 – Interview with Mike Girard


13:19 – Stripwired – “Drop the Bomb”

28:00 – Jessy Moss – “NYC”



The Blogadin Webcast – 3-17-2014

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The Blogadin Webcast

So this post and the one for 3/24 were uploaded to the site weeks ago, but apparently I’m an idiot and still can’t remember to publish the posts versus save them as drafts. In this case it’s in terribly bad form on my part since I was trying to help push The Doubleclicks’ tour and the Widow’s Web Kickstarter campaign, the latter of which is now over. Frankly, that’s awful, and I am deeply and genuinely sorry! I’ve no excuse to offer…only the episode that was. Happy listening!



05:25 - Dice Tower announces the next game in their Essentials lineup

08:43 – GF9 announces new products

07:49 – Con Man Web Series

10:41 – New costumes debuted for DC characters

15:40 – Kovalic-drawn game announcements

19:50 – The Doubleclicks interview

50:41 – Raven Gregory/Autumn Ivy interview


16:46 – The Doubleclicks – “The Middle”

40:08 – Absolution Project – “Vindictive”

The Blogadin Webcast – 3-10-2015

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This week’s podcast is brought to you by my Twitter word cloud (I’m @TheBlogadin over on the bluebird site, if you’re into that kind of thing). Games is the word I most often use on that thing…go figure! In any case, this week I chat up Chris Leder about his latest game & Kickstarter campaign, Trainmaker, plus I bring you the latest news & notes from the week that was. Also, I chat briefly on the drama that happened this past week in the hobby gaming world regarding sexism, and how to not use Twitter.

Fair warning – next week’s show will be streamed while I’m in Las Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show. I don’t yet know if I’ll be pre-recording the entire thing or if I’ll be doing a portion of it live, but I DO know two of next week’s guests are The Doubleclicks, as well as Raven Gregory and Autumn Ivy from Broken Butterfly Comics & their new comic book, Widow’s Web.



xx:xx – BGGCon Registration is open

xx:xx – Sony announces Ghosbusters for guys

xx:xx – MLP CCG’s 4th expansion releases in May

11:30 – Pretty Pretty Smash Up now available in stores

12:35 – Valeria: Card Kingdoms Kickstarter campaign

17:53 – Interview with Chris Leder

38:40 – Sexism, the gaming world, and how not to use Twitter


13:15 – Black Lab – “Without You”

The Blogadin Webcast – 03-03-2015

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The Blogadin Webcast


Hey, a new episode! Where have I been all your li…errr, for the past few weeks? Whelp, I did actually record an episode two weeks ago, but it’s only up on my Mixlr show reel (because life, and I’ve been a touch lazy). Other than that, it’s just life and busy-ness that’s kept me out of the studio. But now it’s back to business!

This week’s episode has a number of tidbits from the week that was, plus I dive into a topic that I’ve been avoiding for over a month now, but we need to talk about.



07:30 – The Doubleclicks return to the Valley

09:40 - Kittens went ‘splodee all over the Kickstarter recordbooks

12:58 - Blood Rage hits Kickstarter, funds in 2 minutes

18:07 - Blizzard introducing subscription items into World of Warcraft

21:40 – Broken Butterfly Comics launches Widow’s Web Kickstarter

28:18 – Help The Kids!


24:38 – Nick Black – “Sorry”



The Blogadin Webcast – 02-03-2015

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This week I ended up talking with some fantastic guests – Mike Selinker & Gaby Weidling from Lone Shark Games, and Chris Leder from Calliope Games. Fortnuately their personality and talent made up for my recurring lapses in focus. As a semi-amateur (you know, the step between amateur and semi-professional) web radio host I do try to keep some semblance of professionalism during the show. Being that this isn’t my day job, however, and I’m a nerdy fan like many of you, sometimes it’s difficult to keep that focus when you’re talking with guests who you’re a fan of. This was just one of those weeks. Mike “The Muffin Man” Selinker kept me on my toes, but man was it a great time trying to keep up with him! It sounds like all three will be back on the program at some point – Chris will probably be on sooner than later, as he’s got a couple projects being let out of the bag fairly shortly. Stay tuned for more info!



06:07 – AOL pulls the plug on all enthusiast blogs, including Massively.com

08:30 – Character cast of the live action Teen Titans show announced

13:03 – New game announcements from Stronghold Games and AEG, now with 100% less Kickstarter!

17:55 - Interview with Mike Selinker and Gaby Weidling

46:55 - Interview with Chris Leder


15:06 - The Doubleclicks – “Will They or Won’t They”

41:49 – American Heartbreak – “Rotten Apple”

The Blogadin Webcast – 01-27-2015

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The Titans Meeple  - Image Courtesy of Calliope Games

The Titans Meeple – Image Courtesy of Calliope Games

After months of anticipation and weeks of recording, planning, waiting, and general impatiented-ness (I can make up words because I have a degree in English), Titans Tuesday is finally here! Or, more accurately, was here, because now it’s Titans Thursday! This week I talk to Ray Wehrs, President of Calliope Games, about their upcoming line of gateway games, the Titan Series. Additionally, I chat a little bit with one of the game designers tapped to make a game for the Titan Series, Paul Peterson. Both of those interviews, plus all the news of the week from the nerd and hobby gaming world – and there was a plethora of it!

(Note – During the interview with Ray, you’ll hear him refer to me as “Scott”. He was introduced to me by my middle name. What can I say…my mother liked ice skating.)

(Note 2 – Calliope Games announced yesterday that the Kickstarter campaign for the Titan Series has been rescheduled.)



02:32 – Exploding Kittens blew up on the Kickstarter and hobby gaming scene

05:18 – Tiny Epic Galaxies continues to do well on Kickstarter, sets Gamelyn Games records for backers and funding

07:26 – Fun to 11 collaborates with AEG to bring Epic PvP: Fantasy to Kickstarter

10:40 – GenCon’s housing portal pulls a whoopsie this weekend

13:12 – Enterplay announces new organized play formats and bans for My Little Pony CCG

15:25 – Enterplay’s Sr. Game Developer Trevor McGregor (@OriginalTMac) spoiled a MLP:CCG card

15:44 – Fox announces plans for a live action X-Men television series

22:20 – Titan Series overview

24:20 – Interview with Ray Wehrs, President of Calliope Games

48:30 – Interview with Titan Series game designer Paul Peterson


17:49 – Lily Sparks – “Stars”

45:23 – Superbeing – “Down in Flames”

The Blogadin Webcast – 01-20-2015

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The Blogadin Webcast

This week we talk about deflated footballs…err, wait, no we don’t. Okay, maybe a little bit. This week it ended up being all news and notes from the week! There were simply some huge stories that broke from Wizards and Marvel on Monday and Tuesday, all of which warranted a good amount of attention. And don’t forget that next week’s show is Titans Tuesday, where we discuss the big Titans Series Kickstarter campaign from Calliope Games and talk to some of the people involved with the effort, including Ray Wehrs, President of Calliope Games, and game designer Paul Peterson of Magic and Smash-Up fame. Can’t wait!



08:55 – Renegade Game Studios teams up with Foxtrot Games to co-publish Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

13:20 – Wizards makes a major update to the Magic: The Gathering banned/restricted list

23:19 – Wizards announces the next Dungeons & Dragons storyline & related products

33:35 – Marvel announces Secret Wars, the end of everything, and the genesis of Battleworld


18:48 – Valley Lodge – “Naked City”

The Blogadin Webcast – 01/13/2015

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THE Ohio State University Buckeyes…national football champions!!!  Mmmm…can you taste that? That’s the taste of victory right there! :) Since we won the game, this week’s show – as promised – features a heaping helping of Ohio State marching band music, so don’t be alarmed by the lack of the normal riffs, and feel free to use the slider to move along to something more appealing if band music damages your finer musical sensibilities.

As for topics, we bring to you Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games and publisher of Tiny Epic Galaxies (currently destroying the universe in Kickstarter – if you haven’t pledged for it yet, do it now!) – an interview that came together twelve minutes before the show went live thanks to a spam filter or other email assassin somewhere in the ether, but when you have an opportunity to get a guy like Michael on the show, you do it! As it turns out, both of us had been trying to communicate with the other for weeks, but for whatever reason, emails simply weren’t making it back and forth between the two parties. Many thanks to him for appearing on the show, for being persistent, and for ultimately being gracious to me when the interview finally came together! I also chat about some significant changes to GenCon housing and registration, and how labels in games may be more damaging than helpful.



05:55 – Gencon announces registration and housing changes

10:10 – Marvel’s Star Wars #1 debuted 1/13, already is best selling comic of 2015

10:30 – Mesa Comics

14:12 - Interview with Michael Coe, President of Gamelyn Games and publisher of Tiny Epic Galaxies

35:15 – Labels in gaming

The Blogadin Webcast – 01-06-2015

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Mysterium by Portal Games

First, my apologies for not updating the site in so long! On one hand, I desperately needed the break; on the other, I do have a commitment to you – my listeners and fans! – to keep the content coming. Hopefully I can be forgiven for taking a holiday hiatus. That brings us, of course, to the first show of the new year – Happy New Year!

Today’s show features a review of Mysterium by Portal Games and a preview of the Dungeons Defenders 2 video game (currently in pre-alpha), as well as the usual news of the week (or, in this case, month).


06:05 – I won Quantum from Passport Game Studios thanks to your votes!

10:55 – The release date for Gambit has been announced

11:15 – Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit Puzzle was solved

21:44 – Preview of things to come on The Blogadin Webcast

28:53 – Mysterium from Portal Games

36:29 – Dungeon Defenders 2 from TrendyNet


17:35 – Granian - “Mark My Words”

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