Phoenix Comicon Posts Incoming, with Pink Eye!

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The day that solicitations went to the media for PHXCC interview requests, I replied with a list of Patrick Rothfuss, Jim Butcher, Michael Stackpole, Ivy Doomkitty, and a local couple that does comic inking.

I found out last night at about 9pm that Guest Relations wasn’t able to accommodate any of my requests.  Not a great way to start things off, but honestly not all that unexpected – it’s my first year serving as a member of the media at Comicon so I didn’t expect much favor. Gotta earn my stripes with this outfit.

In any case, I still perused the exhibit hall a little bit and hit a few panels before a medical incident tripped me up – I started showing signs of an eye infection. A trip to urgent care confirmed that I’m in the early stages of pink eye. Psh…timing! I hated to leave early tonight as that meant sacrificing Eliza Dushku and the burlesque show, but staying tonight would have meant sacrificing tomorrow, and there’s no way I’m missing Nathan Fillion’s panel. Besides, y’all need your #phxcc2014 Twitter updates from me!

I’m about to start dumping all my notes on the panels to blog posts. I doubt I’ll mess much with pictures tonight, but rather will save them for tomorrow night or Sunday night. Probably Sunday.

Almost definitely Sunday.

So yeah…sorry about the black and white about to hit your screen. I just want to get the content out there as soon as possible, and will color it up with pictures later.

FYI, the pics of the panels will be very, very minimal since folks aren’t aloud to stand in almost any panel, including in the back or periphery, so don’t expect too much in regards to panel photos. Cosplay, however, is a different story.

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