In what world does Nintendo out-sell the XBox One? You’re livin’ on it

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Nintendo 3DS hangs with XBox One in sales

Image Credit: John Karakatsanis

The Wii U? It was essentially DOA, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo is down for the count. To the contrary, The Brothers Mario are standing toe-to-toe with the shiny new Xbox One and exchanging punches like a contender. Unbelievable, right? Well, how ’bout these apples? Weekly Hardware Chart

Weekly Hardware Chart. Source:

It’s not terribly surprising to see XBox One leading the Wii U, but it floors me that a three-year-old handheld hardware platform is hanging with the XBox One locally, and decimating it globally. Sure, price and portability are definitely factors, as is the fact that Microsoft’s latest offering isn’t available in Japan yet, but there’s no way Microsoft doubles their global sales on a consistent basis just from getting their product into Japan.

People in the industry seem to think Titanfall is going to be a nice shot in the arm for the Windows giant. There is absolutely some truth there, but, again, the 3DS is winning by nearly a 2:1 ratio! Besides that, after tax, you’re looking at a nearly $600 outlay to play Titanfall on the Xbox One, where as you can drop around $65 to play it on the PC (I’m assuming, of course, that many of the people buying an XBox One already have a PC capable of running Titanfall, which may not be the case) that hasn’t had the graphics processor artificially and senselessly hamstrung.

The Xbox One may be the new hotness, but if these sales trends keep up, it may not be terribly long before Microsoft throws in the towel.

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