KAPOW! Holy Hollywood Violence, Batman!

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Sometimes Hollywood makes dramas, and sometimes in just makes drama. The latter is true in this case, as Watchmen director Zack Snyder counter-punches movie producer Joel Silver right in the arm – that’s right..the ARM! – after Silver made…um…not glowing comments about Snyder’s adaptation of the work.

Honestly, it’s less drama and more, “Meh,” but the comments had Facebook all aflutter. Silver mainly heaped praise on director Terry Gilliam’s proposed adaptation of Watchmen, saying “It was very smart, it was very articulate, and it really gave a very satisfying resolution to the story…” Hardly a scathing commentary on Snyder’s work, so why Snyder felt a retort was necessary is beyond me, particularly one that was disproportionately harsh considering the original “offense”.

What’s even more peculiar to me is why this is even a story at all. Two guys griping about a movie made five years ago, based on a graphic novel from over twenty-five years ago, featuring a Smurfian Hercules who sports one of the biggest banana hammocks ever seen. Sure, the source material was a hit, but it just didn’t translate terribly well to the big screen. It felt old. Heck, American Hustle felt more fresh than Watchmen, and its source material and setting was even older AND involved less CG.


Now that’s a real dig, Snyder, and I barely broke a sweat. Gilliam may not have done the movie justice if his vision was brought to life, but neither your 2009 effort, nor your recent comments, have lived up to the quality of the original work.

Alex Hamilton

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